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Dental Assisting Applications

To the office of admissions:

  • Current Completed Coastal Alabama Application - submitted before July 1st to the office of Admissions
  • Transcripts from all colleges and high school or a GED- submitted by July 1st to the office of Admissions
  • ACCUPLACER and/or ACT scores on file before July 1st
  • Scores on ACT or high school grades must meet the requirement for English 101 and Math 116, if these courses have not already been completed with a “C” or higher prior to admission to dental assisting.

To the dental assisting department:

  • Eligibility to take English 101 and Math 116 with proof of placement scores.
  • Current Completed Dental Assisting Program Application - submitted by July 1st @ 5:00 pm CST
  • Complete packet excluding current DAT Physical Exam Form and DAT Immunization Form (These must be completed after acceptance into the program)
  • Unofficial transcripts, printed from My CA account, attached to the DAT application showing a minimum, cumulative GPA of 2.3 for the last 24 hours of college credit or a cumulative minimum of 2.5 high school credits without college coursework. The GED equivalent if 2.5
  • If over 24 qualified applications are received, in addition to the above, points will be awarded first for, English Composition 101, Mathematical Applications 116, General Psychology 200 and Introduction to Speech 107. Second, points will be awarded for Art Appreciation 100 or Music 101 Appreciation, Microcomputer Applications 146, Introduction to Biology I 103 and Introduction to Sociology 200.
  • Visit a dental office that employs a dental assistant and observe the functions and responsibilities of a general dental assistant for a minimum of 8 hours. Submit the signed observatory form (included in this packet).

Upon program acceptance you will be required to provide the following:

  • Two-year certification in Healthcare Provider CPR or Adult, Infant, and Child AED CPR. CPR can be taken through Complete Safety Works, American Red Cross or your local fire department; however, it must include infant, child, adult, and AED with hands-on testing.
  • Consent and payment to undergo random drug testing (consent form to be signed at mandatory DAT orientation). Consent and complete online information for certified background check( consentto be signed at mandatory DAT orientation)
  • Put aside approximately 180.00 for the above.
  • DAT Physical Exam Form and DAT Immunization Form (These must be completed by the DAT orientation if accepted, usually the 3rd week of July) NO blue cards or other sheets accepted.

Only completed applications will be accepted after July 1st on a space available basis. No student will be admitted into the Dental Assisting Program without the completion of all entrance requirements prior to registration and/or DAT program orientation. 

IMPORTANT* Accepted students will be notified via Coastal Alabama student email within 10 days of July 1st. Utilizing the student email, an official response of, I accept entry or do not accept entry, must be received within 7 days from the original email to the student. If the accepted applicant does not respond within the 7 days, the student’s slot will be forfeited and awarded to the next qualified student applicant.