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Canvas Login Instructions

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The College uses Canvas to facilitate learning in an online format. All Internet, Hybrid, and Web-Enhanced classes are offered through this learning management system. You will log in to Canvas to access your classes each semester.

  • Log in using your Coastal Alabama e-mail address and e-mail password.
  • If you have any questions or problems accessing your Canvas Account, please contact the Help Desk at 251-580-4900 or

Course instructors will provide directions on getting started in Internet courses, including helpful information on dashboard navigation.

Most Internet classes require assignments to be completed with Microsoft Office 2010 or higher (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) unless specific software requirements are noted for each course.

Online Tests through Honorlock Online Proctoring

Academic integrity is supported through a unique blend of proctoring provided by Honorlock. In addition to automated, on-demand proctoring for each session, live proctors conduct Live Pop-Ins when suspicious behavior is detected.

In an Honorlock proctored exam, students are not connected to a specific proctor for observation. Before taking the exam, students must verify their identity through an automated system. To determine suspicious behavior, Honorlock AI monitors the student's webcam, audio, and screen while they work. In some cases, a live proctor will pop into the student's session to assist the student and secure the testing environment when these behaviors are flagged for instructor review. 

A test taker's assets are securely stored and viewed using FERPA-compliant protocols. Test session videos can be viewed by Honorlock's certified proctors and institutional faculty until they are deleted according to the school's retention policy.

To use Honorlock, students must use the Chrome browser and have the Honorlock Extension added to Chrome: 

Add Honorlock Extension to Chrome

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