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Campus Life FAQs

Student Life

Student Life is a term referring to the everyday life of the student outside of the classroom. At Coastal, this includes student rights and responsibilities, student organizations, residential life, athletics, and student activities that make up the daily student experience.

Student Activities vary from campus to campus. Check out the information in our Handbook to learn more about our student organizations and athletics.

The Coastal Alabama student experience is as unique as our individual students. Coastal offers a variety of student organizations, a student activities office, an active Student Government Association and competitive athletic programs for our students to connect with their classmates and develop leadership skills.

To find out more about a specific student organization, students should contact the organization’s advisor or the Student Activity Office. Additionally, the Student Activities Office hosts Get on Board Day events at the beginning of each semester to help interested students connect with student organizations.

Get Involved!

  1. Attend the Student Government Association (SGA) meeting to learn more about upcoming activities and project.
  2. Be sure you are following the Student Activities and Coastal Alabama pages on social media,
  3. Be sure to read your Student News updates.
  4. Look for event flyers posted on your campus.

All emergency situations should be reported to campus police or call 911. All student complaints or potential code of conduct violations should be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct as soon as possible.


On the Coastal Alabama Community College website, under STUDENTS drop-down menu, click on the SAFETY tab and click on the “Register for a Decal” tab. Then click on the “Register/Purchase Permits” link and provide the information requested.

You will receive an email to your student email with a link for a temporary parking permit. Print the permit off and place on you dash where the information is visible. You should receive your decal in the mail, at the mailing address you provided in 7-10 days.

On the Coastal Alabama Community College website, under the STUDENTS drop-down menu, click on the SAFETY tab and click on the “Pay Parking Citation” tab and then you can choose to “View,” “Pay,” or “Appeal” the citation.

If it is an emergency call 911. If it is not an emergency, you can call the Coastal Alabama Police Department at (251) 580-2222 (or include cell #) and an officer will assist you or put you in touch with an officer at your local campus to assist you.

Yes, College Police will attempt to unlock your vehicle after you read and sign a consent waiver.

Yes, College Police will attempt to jump off a dead battery with a jump box.

Police Department

Yes, our officers are APOST certified and can make arrests.
Yes, you will sign a liability waiver, and an officer will attempt to unlock your vehicle.

Yes, all employees and students should have a current parking decal clearly displayed.

The link to get your decal is on the Safety page.

If it is an emergency, dial 911 first.  College Police can be contacted at 251-580-2222.  Find other office's contact information on the Contact page