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Referrals & Complaints

The Coastal Alabama Dean of Students Office has centralized reporting and recordkeeping features to help our community connect important information to prevent students from falling through the cracks. The college community can use the following reporting forms to address general concerns for the Dean of Students Office.

Reporting Forms

Reporting Forms Files
Name File Type
Report a Student Complaint

If a student feels a college policy has been applied unfairly to their situation, the student has the right to submit a written Student Complaint. Please complete all fields so your complaint may be directed to the proper College officials.

Report a Violation to the Student Code of Conduct

Code violations are behaviors that include, but are not limited to, cheating, alcohol, disorderly conduct, drugs, hazing, harassment, physical violence, or other violations of college policies, regulations, or rules. To report a violation, please complete the form found here.

Report Relationship or Interpersonal Violence, or Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)

Interpersonal violence includes dating violence, domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, or stalking behaviors. The Department of Student Services works with the Title IX Coordinator to address allegations of sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence concerns. To report allegations of sexual misconduct, please complete the form found here.

Report to Residence Life Staff

Our Residential Life community can report an incident to the Housing and Residential Life Office by completing this form.

Report to the Coastal Alabama Coalition for Basic Needs

Please complete this form to report food insecurities, housing insecurities, assistance requests, and barriers. This form will allow you to be to connected resources and support in your area. 

Report to the Crisis Intervention Team

Report a Crisis See something, Say Something! Coastal Alabama is dedicated to creating a healthier and more secure environment for students experiencing mental health or crisis situations. If this is an emergency, dial 911 before completing this form.

Use this form to report others or self-report.

Request Pregnancy and Parenting Accommodation through Title IX

Coastal Alabama is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive environment for pregnant and parenting students and employees. This form is to be used when an individual is seeking accommodations when a related condition conflicts with their work environment or academic requirements.


Not sure if a behavior is a violation or how to categorize it? Want to speak with someone before submitting a report? Contact Jalisa Rawlinson for assistance; or 251-580-2259 

Please be aware that these forms are not to be used during an emergency. If this is an emergency, please call Campus Police or 911. 

Additionally, the filing of a report does not constitute filing an official police report. To file an official police report, contact the Coastal Alabama Police Department or 911.