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Student Complaint Process

Submit a Student Complaint

If a student feels a college policy has been applied unfairly to their situation, the student has the right to submit a written Student Complaint. First, the student must meet with the supervisor responsible for the policy to attempt to work out a resolution. If a resolution cannot be achieved, the student should submit the completed Student Complaint online form with documentation (police report, hospital records, doctor excuse, obituary, witness statements, etc.) to support any extenuating circumstances. If a resolution cannot be achieved at the college level, the student can submit a complaint to the Alabama Community College System.

Paper forms are available in the Dean of Student Services Office

Memorial Hall
1900 Highway 31 S
Bay Minette, AL

Student complaints/appeals may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Academic Complaint and Grade Appeals
  • Admissions status
  • Financial Aid Awards or Loss of Aid
  • Traffic Citations and Fines
  • Business Office, student refunds, returned checks
  • Student Code of Conduct Suspensions/Dismissals
  • Audit to Credit/Credit to Audit Registrations
  • ADA Accommodations
  • Title IX Accommodations
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment

Step 1: Before submitting a Student Complaint Form, the student should contact the appropriate supervisor to discuss an informal resolution.

Financial Aid Awards or Loss of Aid

Dr. Gail Muse Beggs
Financial Aid Director

Student Refunds, Business Office Procedures

Jill Cabaniss
Director of Finance

Admissions & Records Procedures

Beth Bryars
Director of Enrollment Management

Robin Sessions

Campus Police Complaints

Jonathan Davidson
Chief of Police

Distance Education Complaints

Ann Strickland
Center for Teaching & Learning

Academic Complaints and Grade Appeals

Mary Beth Lancaster
Dean of Academic Instruction

Linda Grant
Dean of Career Technology

Dr. Tiffany Scarborough
Dean of Nursing and Allied Health

Student Conduct, Title IX complaints, Harassment, and Discrimination

Jalisa Rawlinson
Coordinator of Student Conduct/ Title IX Coordinator

Dr. Dendy Moseley
Dean of Students

Americans with Disability Act Complaints and Appeals

Lee Barrentine
ADA Specialist/Advisor

Dr. Celeste Robertson
Director of Student Development

Dr. Dendy Moseley
Dean of Students


Step 2: In the event the matter is not resolved in the conference with the director or designee, the student can initiate a formal student complaint. The complaint or appeal will be submitted to the College Appeals Committee for review.

  1. Complete the form found at:
  2. This complaint will be reviewed by the College Policies Complaints and Appeals Committee. This committee is comprised of program directors, campus directors, faculty, staff, students. Committee members and the committee chairperson shall be appointed each year by the President or designee.
  3. The College Policies Complaints and Appeals Committee shall render a decision within 14 calendar days to the students’ college email address.
  4. All decisions are subject to review by the President of the College.

Step 3: A student must exhaust his/her rights under the institution’s official complaint/grievance policy before advancing any complaint to the System Office of Alabama Community College System. Students may file consumer/student complaints with the Alabama Community College System by following these procedures:

  1. If, after exhausting all available institutional processes, a student’s complaint remains unresolved, the student may appeal to the Alabama Community College System using the System’s official Student Complaint Form. Students may submit completed complaint forms by printing the form, signing it, and then either (1) scanning it and emailing it to or (2) mailing it to: Alabama Community College System Attention: Division of Academic and Student Affairs P.O. Box 302130 Montgomery, AL 36130-2130
  2. The Division of Academic and Student Affairs will investigate the complaint within 30 days of receipt.
  3. The institution which is the subject of complaint has 30 days to provide a written response to questions and/or concerns raised during the investigation. Such response may or may not contain a resolution.
  4. The Division of Academic and Student Affairs will adjudicate the matter and write a report or letter to the institution and student detailing corrective action, if any is necessary, or stating that the school has no violation of policies.
  5. If corrective action is needed the institution will have 30 days to comply or develop a plan to comply with the corrective action.
  6. The System Office will monitor the institution’s compliance to ensure the completion of any required corrective action.


Out-of-State Students taking Distance Education Courses

A student who resides in a state other than Alabama and is taking courses at Coastal Alabama should follow the same complaint process as students who reside within the state of Alabama by first following the institution's complaint process.  If, after exhausting all available institutional processes, a student’s complaint* remains unresolved, the student may appeal by following the guidelines for Alabama Community College System (ACCS) Appeal Process as well as the state's SARA complaint process posted on the SARA website Student Complaints | NC-SARA (  

Alabama SARA State Portal Entity Contact

Ron Leonard
Director of Special Initiatives
State SARA Website

Alabama Commission on Higher Education
100 North Union Street
Montgomery, AL 36104

*Student complaints about grades or student conduct may not be appealed to the SARA State Portal Entity. Complaints about fraud or criminal activity can go to any state Attorney General or the Office of Inspector General or complaint unit of the Department of Education.

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