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Housing Application

Application & Housing Process

Applications are accepted online at a pre-determined date each spring for the upcoming academic school year. Applications for summer Housing are accepted online beginning in February. New students are advised to apply for Housing on the day the application opens or as soon as they are accepted to the College. For application instructions, please refer to the Housing page of the Coastal Alabama Webpage.

How to Apply

You are about to complete Coastal Alabama Community College Housing Application. All sections should be completed to provide the most accurate information for your housing assignment.

  1. Fill out the Online Housing Application.

  2. Follow Instructions on Application Home Page.

  3. Complete the Application. You will need your student number and student e-mail to complete the application

  4. After you apply you will receive two e-mails. Immediately you will receive an e-mail with a copy of your application and further instructions. The next business day you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to pay your $100.00 non-refundable application fee online or in the Business Office.

NOTE: All students (new and returning) wanting to live on-campus are required to submit a new application for the specified term(s). First-year college students are not required to live on campus.


The Housing Office accepts applications for the Residence Halls regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, or qualified disability. Residence Hall Assignments are made on a first come, first serve basis, after pre-defined scholarship recipients have been assigned.


Students must apply to the college and receive a Student ID number and student Email address in order to apply for Campus Housing.  The Housing Office only accepts the online Housing Application.  Paper applications are not accepted under any circumstances.

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee of $100.00 for fall/spring, $50.00 for summer. After applying the applicant will receive further instruction on when and how to make the application fee payment. Financial Aid will not be accessible for application fee payment.

Once the application is complete, the student will receive a confirmation of application submission via student email. Applicants will be notified of Hall, Room, or Wait List Assignments beginning in late Spring. If a problem is detected the student will be directed to contact the Housing Office at 251-580-2121.

Residence Hall Fees

Students are required to provide a minimum down payment of the Residence Hall Fees before Residence Hall/Room Assignments can be finalized. Students utilizing Financial Aid are advised to complete FAFSA and other documents required by the CACC Financial Aid Office in order to receive a Financial Aid Award Package. View Residence Hall Rates.

Residence Hall/Room Assignments

Residence Hall assignments are awarded on a first come first serve basis. Placement is based upon the time and date the completed application and fee payment are received in the database. As per tradition, Coyote Hall is filled first followed by Thompson Hall. Students may request a preferred Residence Hall on the Housing Application. However, there is no guarantee due to availability. Students are notified in late spring of Residence Hall assignments or Wait List placement via student email and/or letter by mail. The Housing Office will maintain a Wait List for students applying for the upcoming semester as needed. Students on these lists may be assigned to a room by move-in or within the first few weeks of the semester, dependent upon availability. The fall Wait List will carry over to the spring unless otherwise stated.

Roommate Assignments

Roommates are assigned after Contracts are completed. Students may request specific roommates or suitemates. The Housing Office strives to honor student requests for specified roommates; however, these requests must be mutual and stated on the applications. Roommate requests may only be approved if each student is placed in the same Residence Hall. All other roommate assignments will be on a random basis and will be based on student preferences stated on the applications. Students will be provided the option to disclose his/her contact information to his/her assigned roommate in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Payments may only be processed online through the student’s OneACCS account via credit/debit card or through the Business Office via a check addressed to Coastal Alabama Community College. Financial Aid will not be accessible for payment until the beginning of the upcoming semester(s).

Payment Plans

If students are not paying through a Financial Aid Loan/process they have the option to pay a specified down payment and make specific payments or pay in full prior to move-in. The College reserves the right to make changes to Residence Hall fees, charges, or processes at any time. For Payment Plan options, please contact the Housing Office at 251-580-2121 or at

Residence Hall Contract

All residents are required to sign a legally binding Residence Hall Contract for the specified academic semester(s), or for the remainder of the contract period. Summer semester has a separate contract. By signing the Residence Hall Contract, residents agree to comply with all regulations, policies, procedures, terms, and conditions of the College. Failure to comply may result in sanctions and/or fines.