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Counseling Services

Coastal Alabama Community College Academic Counselors assist students with educational and occupational decisions, admissions, and advisement throughout their enrollment with the College. The intent is to provide assistance for continued student success.

As an integral part of the students’ educational process, limited personal counseling services are available to assist students in achieving their educational goals. For more in depth needs, academic counselors are available to provide a network of referral resources which are qualified to provide in depth counseling services to students off campus.


Web Address Disclaimer: Note that web addresses are provided for additional information and for sources of self-help for students. "Web Counseling" should never be considered a substitute for face-to-face counseling with a qualified professional.

For assistance, please email or call 251-809-1512.

Early Alert

The purpose of the program is to identify students with potential problems and to provide some type of intervention at the beginning of potential problems. Specifically, faculty and staff members refer students to Counselors when they observe classroom or campus behaviors that could possibly indicate that students are struggling and might be in need of some type of intervention. Such clues include:

  • Student fails to pre-register for the next semester
  • Student requests a transcript to be sent to another institution
  • Student fails to respond to his/her financial aid award letter
  • Student’s attendance in classes is erratic or student has stopped attending classes ​​​​​​
  • Student displays a sudden, dramatic change in behavior
  • Student earns an average below a "C" at any time during the term
  • Student refers another student.

Immediately, the Counselors make contact via e-mail, in-person, or by telephone, with the identified students to determine their needs and provide services to assist them.

Contact a Coastal Alabama Counselor:

You can schedule an appointment with a Coastal Alabama Counselor below!

Counselor Name Schedule an Appointment
Diana McCullough Click here to schedule an appointment with Diana McCullough
James-David Williams Click here to schedule an appointment with James-David Williams
Dr. Marilyn Nicholson Click here to schedule an appointment with Dr. Marilyn Nicholson