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Student FAQs


TBA means To Be Announced.  This is often seen on hybrid courses where the instructors will communicate directly with the student for any sessions that may meet on campus. 
T stands for Tuesday and R stands for Thursday.  So this class would meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
R stands for Thursday.
Hybrid courses may have on-campus sessions.  Web courses are strictly online. 

The login for Canvas is your student e-mail for the username and your e-mail password for the password.  If this is not working, please contact the HelpDesk at 251-580-4900 or send an e-mail to from your Coastal Alabama e-mail address.  The 24/7 Canvas support hotline cannot assist with login issues.   

You may have an unpaid balance.  If you do not have financial aid, you must pay your bill or make payment arrangements with the Business Office.  Check your balance by logging into your OneACCS account.

Check your "courses" tab in Canvas, and then look at your "All Courses" list.  Check the "All Courses" list to see if the course is scheduled to start during a different term (for example, some classes are Term 2 classes that do not start until October 19).  If you are still not able to locate the class, send an e-mail to the HelpDesk at from your Coastal Alabama e-mail address.  

Login to your OneACCS account.  Click on Registration.  Click Add or Drop Classes.