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Short-Term Certificate

Short-Term Certificates — Short-Term Certificate programs are designed for students to develop skills for immediate entry into business, semi-professional, supervisory and technical workforces. These Coastal Alabama Community College programs are structured to take less than a year to complete and are comprised of one or two semesters.

Two and four-year degree transfers after earning Short-Term Certificates are possible, but more difficult due to curriculum design. Students seeking a two-year Associate’s Degree, or a four-year Bachelor's Degree, are encouraged to consider A.A. or A.S. degree paths.

Short-Term Certificates

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Advanced Process Controls (STC-APC)

Basic Industrial Maintenance Technology (STC-IND)

Building Maintenance (STC-BUM)

Industrial Engineering Technology (STC-IET)

Industrial Maintenance/Millwright Technology (STC-IE6)

Machine Tool Technology (STC-MT1)

Marine Industry Technology (STC-MIT)

Paper and Chemical Technology (STC-PCT)

Pipefitting (STC-PFT)

Applied Technology

Accounting Clerk (STC-ACC)

Administrative Legal Office Specialist (STC-ALS)

Administrative Medical Office Specialist (STC-AMO)

Administrative Office Specialist (STC-AOS)

Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Visual Effects (STC-CAP)

Child Development (STC-CHD)

Commercial Art/Graphic Design (STC-CAG)

Computer Applications Specialist (STC-CTA)

Cosmetology Instructor Training (STC-CIT)

Cybersecurity (STC-CBS)

Engineering Graphics and Design Technology: Basic Design (STC-DD2)

Engineering Graphics and Design Technology: Basic Drafting - CAD Technician (STC-DD1)

Engineering Graphics and Design Technology: Advanced Design (STC-DD3)

Paralegal - Advanced Substantive Law (STC-PR2)

Paralegal - Basic Substantive Law (STC-PR1)

Paralegal - Legal Analysis (STC-PR3)

Small Business/Entrepreneurship (STC-SBD)

Aviation Technology

Aviation Manufacturing Technician (STC-AMM)

Career Technology/Fountain Correctional

Building Construction Technology (STC-BTC)

Electrical Technology (STC-ELT)

Heating and Air Conditioning (STC-HVC)


HVAC Advanced Technology (STC-HVA)

HVAC Basic Technology (STC-HVB)

Computer Technology

Computer Software Specialist (STC-CT1)

Help Desk Technician (STC-CT2)

Electrical Technology

Construction Electrical Technology (STC-CET)

Hospitality Management

Baker (STC-CU1)

Beverage Specialist (STC-CU2)

Culinary Line Cook (STC-CU3)

Event Planning Assistant (STC-EVP)

Hospitality Specialist (STC-HM1)

Hospitality Supervisor (STC-HM2)

Prep Cook (STC-CU4)

Prep Cook (STC-CU4)

Nursing and Allied Health

Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (STC-EMA)

Emergency Medical Technician (STC-EMT)

Nursing Assistant (STC-NAS)

Welding and Career Technology

Welding - Basic Plate Welding (STC-WD6)

Welding - Basic Plate Welding - GMAW/FCAW/SMAW (STC-WD2)

Welding - Basic Plate Welding - SMAW Fillet Welds (STC-WD1)

Welding - Pipe Welding (STC-WD7)

Welding - Pipe Welding - SMAW Carbon Pipe (STC-WD3)