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Coastal Cares Grant

Did you know that the first six credit hours you take this fall can be completely FREE? The Coastal Cares Grant is available to all students for the Fall 2021 Semester.

Free Fall Classes!

Coastal Alabama Community College is dedicating $8 million in CARES Act funds to help students continue their education through the Coastal Cares Grant program.  All registered students are eligible for up to six credit hours, tuition and fees free – that is up to $972 of free college credit – while grant funds last!  

The Coastal Cares Grants are available to all students for the Fall 2021 semester and includes dual enrollment students.  

There are no requirements for students to receive these grants other than being a registered student for the fall semester.  To meet the deadlines to receive the Coastal Cares Grant, students should:

  1. Apply for Admission by August 6
    Complete online application. This will ensure the student receives his/her student e-mail address, which is required to complete the grant application.

  2. Register for Fall 2021 Classes by August 13
    This will ensure students are enrolled and registered before the deadline. Schedule an appointment with an Advisor today!

  3. Apply for the Coastal Cares Grant through a short form by August 17 at Noon
    The form will be e-mailed to students after they register for fall classes. This will ensure funds are applied to students’ accounts before tuition and fees are due.

Coastal Cares Grant

The Coastal Cares Grant pays any remaining balance (up to six credit hours) after all other funds have been applied to student accounts.  If a student has a scholarship or another form of financial aid paying for the classes, the student will receive a refund check totaling up to $972, the cost of in-state tuition and fees for 6 credit hours, 4-6 weeks after the semester begins. 

The grant is worth $972 – that is the in-state tuition and fee cost for 6 credit hours.

Students complete a short form to sign up for the grant opportunity. The form will be e-mailed to students after they register for fall classes.

Tuition and fees will be paid for the 3 credit hours.

Tuition and fees will be paid for the 6 credit hours. (Totaling $972)

You still qualify! To sign up for the grant opportunity, complete the form using the link sent to your Coastal student e-mail account. You will receive a refund check 4-6 weeks after the semester begins.

The grant is only applicable for the Fall 2021 semester and only as funds remain available.

Grant funds are only guaranteed if funds remain available and if students meet the deadlines listed above.  Any funds granted after that date are contingent upon availability. 

You still qualify! However, the Coastal Cares Grant only covers up to $972, which is the in-state rate for tuition and fees. Therefore, you may still have a balance to pay, even if you are only taking 6 credit hours.
As long as you are registered for Term II classes before the deadlines above, you will still be eligible to receive the Coastal Cares Grant.
Deadlines for admission vary by high school and may be sooner than the deadlines listed above. Students should contact their local high school for more information.


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