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Powerplant Technology (CER-PPT)

Program Location:  Alabama Aviation Center at Brookley Field

Aviation Technology Division

Length: Three Semesters

This program prepares students to take the Federal Aviation Administration written, oral, and practical examinations required for certification as an aviation maintenance technician with a Powerplant endorsement. 

This is a career program designed for students to go directly into the labor market upon completion. Although some of the courses in this program will transfer to four-year institutions, this program is not designed to be a transfer program of study; therefore, it is not subject to the terms and conditions of Alabama Transfers state transfer and articulation reporting system.

Semester One

Upon completion of Semester One, students will take their Generals Comprehensive Exam and FAA Written Generals Exam. 

Item # Title Credits
AMT 101 Basic Electricity 5
AMT 104 Technical Preparation 5
AMT 105 Materials and Processes 5
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
Sub-total Credits 18

Semester Two

Item # Title Credits
AMT 103 Weight and Balance, Ground Handling and Servicing, Cleaning and Corrosion Control 5
AMP 220 Reciprocating Engines and Theory 5
AMP 221 Turbine Engine Theory and Systems 5
MTH 116 or MTH 100 + 3
Sub-total Credits 18

Complete Graduation Application

Semester Three

Upon completion of Semester Three, students will take their FAA Oral & Practical exam. 

Item # Title Credits
AMP 222 Reciprocating Engine Inspections and Propellers 5
AMP 223 Reciprocating Engine Overhaul 5
AMP 224 Turbine Engine Inspection and Overhaul 5
Sub-total Credits 15


*Depending on the program or course, a student may also be required to purchase certain necessary tools and supplies.





Financial Aid is Available


Alabama Aviation Center at Brookley Field

1975 Avenue C
Mobile, AL 36615