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Right to Privacy

Policies and Procedures Manual

01.07 Right to Privacy

Original Approval: 04/01/2022
Last Updated: 06/01/2023
Last Reviewed: 04/08/2024


It is the policy of Coastal Alabama Community College that, with the exceptions specified below, no oral or video conversation or other oral or video statement by any student, employee, or contractor of Coastal Alabama Community College will be recorded by any other student, employee, or contractor of Coastal Alabama Community College upon any campus of Coastal Alabama Community College, or at any event conducted by Coastal Alabama Community College, unless the person whose statement(s) is/are being recorded gives prior consent to the recording of the statement(s).


This policy applies to all Coastal Alabama Community College students and employees during any activity involving the College, including the workday. In addition, visitors, vendors, contractors, and all other non-employees are expected to recognize and comply with College policies.


There are no definitions applicable to this policy.


  1. This policy will apply to all oral statements made or received on campus, or at any event conducted by the College, whether made in person, by telephone, or otherwise, and the consent can be withdrawn at any time by the person making the statement(s), in which case any further recording is prohibited. Persons voluntarily leaving voice mail messages or other recorded messages will be considered to have given consent for the recording of the message.
  2. The only exceptions to the above prohibition will be (1) the recording of public events, speeches or lectures, including classroom lectures, or (2) situations in which an authorized College investigation is being conducted by a College official with the prior consent of the President of Coastal Alabama. In such instances, permission to make such a recording will only be upon the initiation or prior written consent of the appropriate supervisor, subject to the final written consent of the President, or upon the initiation of the President. College employees and students will also be expected to fully comply with all applicable statutes relating to the intercepting or recording of private conversations, such as federal eavesdropping laws and other federal and state statutes relating to offenses against privacy.
  3. Employees who fail to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action up to termination of employment.


Employee Complaint Procedure

  1. Refer to the Employee Complaints and Grievances Policy.

Student Complaint Procedure

  1. Refer to the Complaints (Formal – Student) Policy.

Additional Provisions/Information

Refer to Employee Complaints and Grievances Policy.
Refer to Complaints (Formal – Student) Policy.