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Advising, Testing, and Registration

Policies and Procedures Manual

05.02 Advising, Testing, and Registration

Original Approval:  04/01/2022
Last Updated:  04/08/2024
Last Reviewed:  04/08/2024


It is the policy of Coastal Alabama Community College to ensure students receive appropriate academic advising and registration to assist with completion of academic goals.


This policy applies to all Coastal Alabama Community College students.


There are no definitions applicable to this policy.


  1. Academic Advising: Each student, upon admission to the College, is assigned an academic advisor who will assist the student in scheduling academic courses that successfully lead to a degree or certificate. Coastal Alabama Community College considers academic advising a core principle that will help a student succeed in class and in college.

    All advisors hold regular office hours and may meet with students at other pre-arranged times. Specific campus locations and office hours are listed on the Coastal Alabama Community College website at  These staff members can help students obtain their educational goals through a collaborative effort. They assist students in choosing majors and planning which pathways will help meet their goals.
  2. Placement Testing: All entering students who enroll in Associate Degree or certificate programs will be assessed through ACT or SAT scores, high school grades/GPA, ACCUPLACER and be placed at the appropriate academic level. All placement test results are considered a part of the student’s permanent academic record. Entering students are requested to have the results of all tests they have taken, including the ACT or SAT, forwarded to the College.
    1. Placement Advising: Students who place into developmental courses should enroll in those courses within the first two semesters, preferably the first semester of enrollment, to ensure they are adequately prepared for college-level courses. Coastal Alabama Community College is required to provide an evaluation report of assessment test results to students. Appropriate advising and a plan of study for each student who placed in a developmental course is required.
  3. Registration: Registration dates for each semester are published in advance and can be found on the College's website and on the College's calendar. Information regarding registration is sent to new students at the time they are accepted. Students should meet with an academic advisor prior to registration.

    No credit will be awarded to any student who (1) is not properly registered for a class; (2) has not paid all tuition and/or fees; or (3) has not resolved all registration discrepancies during the term in which the discrepancies occurred or before the first day of class of the next term.


Scheduling an Advising Appointment Procedures

  1. Students may schedule an appointment with an Advisor at Coastal Alabama Community College website at

Scheduling a Placement Testing Appointment Procedures

  1. Students may schedule an appointment for testing at

Additional Provisions / Information:

There are no additional provisions / information applicable to this policy.