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Building Maintenance (STC-BUM)

Program Location:
Foley Career and Technical Facility

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Division

Length: Two Semesters

This is a program that prepares individuals to be able to proficiently maintain HVAC systems, basic carpentry maintenance, and residential electrical circuits by using safety methods and procedures.

This is a career program designed for students to go directly into the labor market upon completion. Although some of the courses in this program will transfer to four-year institutions, this program is not designed to be a transfer program of study; therefore, it is not subject to the terms and conditions of STARS.

Semester One

Item # Title Credits
ACR 111 Principles of Refrigeration 3
CAR 111 Construction Basics 3
CAR 114 Construction Basics Lab 3
IET 114 Basic Electricity 3
WKO 110 NCCER Core 3
Sub-total Credits 15

Semester Two

Item # Title Credits
ACR 112 HVACR Service Procedures 3
ACR 122 HVACR Electric Circuits 3
CAR 112 Floors, Walls and Site Preparation 3
ELT 114 Residential Wiring Methods 3
Sub-total Credits 12


*Depending on the program or course, a student may also be required to purchase certain necessary tools and supplies.




Financial Aid is Un-Available


Foley Career and Technical Facility

19812 Underwood Rd
Foley, AL 36535