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Welcome to the Marketing & Communications Office, or MARCO! Our office values and supports the College’s mission. We are committed to working closely with departments and divisions to help meet marketing and communication needs.

Welcome to MARCO!

MARCO provides services in the areas of public and media relations efforts, website support, social media information sharing and various publications.  The MARCO team also serves on College committees and supports various initiatives to enhance our current students’ experience and to promote Coastal Alabama Community College to stakeholders and prospective students.

Brand Guides, Logos, Colors, and Typogrophy

At Coastal Alabama Community College, our identity is deeply ingrained in everything we do. It represents our rich history, our vibrant present, and our promising future. Our brand ensures we tell a consistent story of who Coastal Alabama is. Each promotional and/or communication piece should uphold the integrity of our brand, showcasing it consistently through the use of logos, colors, fonts, and other brand-specific guidelines.

Our Services

MARCO is responsible for promoting Coastal Alabama’s brand but offers basic marketing needs to all of Coastal Alabama Community College! Services available include design, public relations, photography, social media coverage, swag, and much more.


MARCO offers a variety of resources to assist with your marketing and promotional needs including electronic signatures, PowerPoint templates, logos, media resources, and much more!