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Employee Password Requirements and Reset Instructions

Password Reset Services

Before resetting your password, read the password requirements section below

To reset your password at the link below, you must have your current password. If you do not know your current password, contact the Technology Services Helpdesk for assistance at 1-800-231-3752.
Password Reset Link
When using the link above to reset your password, it will also simultaneously change the password for all of these services:

  • Network (how you log in to computers at a desk or in the computer labs on campus)
  • Wifi
  • Coastal Alabama Email
  • Canvas (Online Classes)
  • Bridge (Employees Only) 

Password Requirements

You have been issued a temporary password for your Coastal Alabama email/Canvas account. Please click on the "Password Reset" link in order to update your password at any time.

You will need your Coastal Alabama email address, the temporary password we issued to you ("old password"), and you will need to select and enter a new password twice ("new password" / "confirm new password").

Your new password will need to conform to the following password rules:

  • Must be eight or more characters long 
  • Must be at least one day old (you cannot change your password more than once every 24 hours) 
  • Must contain three or more of these categories of characters: 
    • Uppercase letter(s) 
    • Lowercase letter(s) 
    • Number(s) 
    • Special character(s) 
  • Must NOT contain any of these: 
    • All or part of your first name 
    • All or part of your last name 
    • All or part of your initials 
    • A previously-used password 

Once your password has been changed, it will also become your password for all of the following services:

  • Network (how you login to computers at a desk or in the computer labs on campus) 
  • Wifi 
  • Coastal Alabama Email 
  • Canvas (Online Classes) 
  • Rave Mobile (Emergency Notification System) 
  • Bridge (Employees Only) 

Please note that your password will expire every 120 days and will have to be changed.

If you need assistance changing your password, please contact the Helpdesk at 251-580-4900.