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How to Apply

How to Apply

All Nursing Programs are selective admissions programs, which require a unique TWO-STEP application process:

STEP 1: General Admission

This process provides acceptance to Coastal Alabama Community College, but NOT the nursing program.

  1. Submit a general College Application online, if not currently enrolled.
    • Choose the Health Science major by selecting General Studies with a concentration in Health Sciences
  2. Submit official high school transcript or proof of GED to either the Registrar’s Office or the Admissions Office
  3. Satisfy placement test requirements
    • ACT scores or Accuplacer, and High School GPA may be used for placement.
    • Must have test scores in the system in order to register for English and Math.
  4. Submit all official college transcripts (if other college(s) were attended or dual enrollment with another college was completed).
    • Official transcripts must be submitted to either the Registrar’s Office or the Admissions Office. 

Note: Although the Admissions Office allows one semester for receipt of all transcripts, the nursing programs require all transcripts be received prior to nursing program application deadline. New applicants to the college receive an acceptance letter via personal email once ALL requirements have been met. This letter provides students with their Student ID#, a temporary password, and Coastal Alabama email address.

STEP 2: Selective Admissions

A separate application for the nursing program is REQUIRED.

Nursing applications must be submitted by the deadline.

  • FALL deadline is June 1st
  • SPRING deadline is October 1st
  • SUMMER deadline is March 1st (PN Program ONLY)
  1. Review course requirements on individual program pages to determine courses for which points may be awarded toward the nursing program application.
  2. Register and take the ACT, if not already taken
    • A composite score of 18 is the minimum requirement for the Associate Degree Nursing program (no writing component necessary). No minimum score is required for the Practical Nursing program.
    • ACT Residual, ACT National, Official High School transcript or screenshot of ACT from student’s OneACCS account are acceptable forms of official score reports.
  3. Submit a complete nursing application by the appropriate deadline.
    • An acceptable ACT score report MUST BE ATTACHED to the nursing application.
    • View Application for Practical Nursing and/or Associate Degree Nursing
    • View Application for Nursing Mobility LPN and Paramedic to ADN
  4. Apply online at or mail an application, no matter which campus program is preferred, to the Coastal Alabama Community College Nursing Department at 1900 Hwy 31 South, Bay Minette, Alabama 36507.

For questions regarding the nursing applications or admission process, please contact Ms. Allison Spillman at