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Dual Enrollment Policies

General Policies for Prospective Students and Parents

Flexible Scheduling Opportunities

  • Dual enrollment classes may be taken at any of the Coastal Alabama Community College campuses, online, or hybrid. Students may, with permission from the principal, may be granted permission to leave the high school early during their school day to take dual enrollment classes on one of the Coastal Alabama campuses.
  • Academic and technical courses are offered at many local high schools or tech centers.  Programs vary by location, please contact your school about available courses.

Summer Dual Enrollment:

  • College credit courses taken during the summer may not be considered for high school credit.  Please see your high school counselor to know if dual enrollment is allowed by your school during the Summer terms.

Eligible Courses

Students may take only the designated courses that the partnering School Systems and Coastal Alabama Community College agree upon. Courses numbered below 100 and Physical Education (PED) courses are not eligible for dual enrollment/dual credit, and students may not audit courses under the terms of this policy. For a list of courses offered, please contact the dual enrollment counselor at the high school or view the most current Course Schedule.

Cost and Due Dates

Students participating in Academic Dual Enrollment can pay for tuition through their OneACCS account. The most up-to-date tuition and fee table can be found on the Coastal Alabama Tuition webpage. The deadline for tuition and fee payment for students participating in Dual Enrollment is the same as any other college student and can be found on the Tuition & Fees page in the most current.

Students are responsible for all textbooks or lab fees associated with their courses​​​​​.​​

If students wish to pay for Dual Enrollment tuition and fees with PACT, it is their responsibility to fill out the PACT Request Form and turn it into the Coastal Alabama Business Office. Students paying with PACT must take into account the processing time and ensure they submit paperwork early enough to allow for processing to avoid being dropped out of class(es.) They must stay in contact with the Coastal Alabama Business Office

Transferring Credits

Please refer to the Alabama Transfers program and site for information regarding the Alabama state law that guarantees transferability of all academic credits for two-year college students.

In order to have college credits transferred to another college, students must fill out and submit a Transcript Release Form. You must submit your official high school transcript to CACC before an official transcript can be requested.  Students may view/print their unofficial transcript on OneACCS at any time.

College Class Withdrawal

Students must have permission from their counselor before they withdraw from a college class taken through Dual Enrollment as it will affect their high school grade. The last day to withdraw for all Dual Enrollment classes can be found in the current course schedule. To withdraw, students must complete the Dual Enrollment Withdrawal Form through the Dual Enrollment Office by the last day to withdraw.

Students who withdraw from courses or fail to meet minimum grade requirements will be suspended from the program for a minimum of one term. The one term suspension may not be served during the summer. To re-enroll, the student must meet the minimum grade point average requirements.

Continuing at Coastal Alabama After High School

If you are planning to continue your education at Coastal Alabama Community College after you graduate high school:

  • Seniors who wish to continue with Coastal Alabama after graduation must submit a new application as a First Time College Student: APPLY NOW!
  • To receive an official transcript from Coastal Alabama, seniors must submit their official high school transcript to the college.  Then official credit will be granted and can be requested from the Registrar’s office:  Student Records and Transcripts

College Policies

All Dual Enrollment Students are expected to adhere to college policies, procedures, and schedules. They can be found in the most current edition of the Catalog and Student Handbook.

For more information, please contact:
Sarah Watkins
Dual Enrollment Coordinator