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Dual Enrollment Admission

Now is the time to make the most of your educational opportunities and do your future a favor.

Coastal Alabama Community College offers motivated high school students the flexibility they need to earn college credit at the same time as their diploma, without the stresses of an overloaded course schedule. Your focus and dedication will help you succeed!


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Are you a new student?

In order to apply for dual enrollment to Coastal Alabama Community College, you must...

1. Apply for Admission

  • Complete online application in the online application portal.
  • Create a new account with a personal email or log in with your existing account.
  • Choose "High School Dual Enrollment" for your applicant type. 
  • Upload your in-progress high school transcripts.

2. Keep an Eye Out for Your Acceptance Letter

Look for your acceptance letter in your personal email account. This will provide you with your Coastal Alabama Community College student number ("A Number") and college email address. 

  • Set up your student email account early and check it regularly to stay informed. You will get very important information from the college through that email throughout the semester!

3. Complete Dual Enrollment Forms and Submit to High School Counselor


  • Complete Approval Form and Program Agreement, using your student A Number. This form must be signed by a parent/gardian AND submitted to your high school counselor. 
  • Submit any testing doccumentation required for English or math courses to sign up for the ACCUPLACER.
  • Early College staff will register you for your classes. 

Click here to download the Approval Form and Program Agreement.


Be sure to check with your high school about deadlines!



Are you a returning student?


If you are currently taking classes or took classes in the previous term, you do not need to complete a new appliaction. We will only require a new approval form for the upcoming year.


Complete a dual approval form and submit it to your high school conselor. The Parent Agreement is not necessary for returning students. 


Click here to download the Dual Approval form.



Not sure if you are new or returning?


If you have never taken dual enrollment, or, if you took dual courses in the fall term but not spring, you are considered a new student for the fall term. Please follow the new student instructions. 

If you took courses in the spring term, you are a returning student for the fall term. Even if you did not take classes in the summer term. Follow the returning student instructions. 

If you withdrew from classes or earned a "D" or lower in any term, you will need to follow the instructions for a new student to participate again after a term of ineligibility. 

Note: Term of ineligibility may not be served in the summer. If you withdrew from classes or earned a "D" or lower in the spring term, you will not be eligible to participate in dual enrollment courses until the next spring. 

Be sure to check with your high school about deadlines!


Important: If you have an outstanding balance for a previous semester, you will not be registered for classes until the balance is paid. To ensure placement in requested courses, outstanding blanace must be paid in a timely manner. Registration cannot be guaranteed if balance is not paid by the semester deadline.