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Student Records FAQs

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Student Records / Registrar

You can locate numbers for each office on the Contact page.

Transcripts can be order through the link provided:

If you are taking more than one course, you can drop all but one through your OneACCS account. If you are only taking one course, or wish to withdraw from all courses, then you will need to fill out the withdrawal form. More information regarding withdrawals can be found at

Please fill out the online Enrollment Verification form.

Applying for graduation is easy! Simply click on the link below to complete the Online Graduation Application.


Graduation Files
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Graduation Application

If the course(s) has not started yet, you can just go back into your OneACCS account and reregister for the class. If classes have already begun, please reach out to the Instructional Services department at

If we are still in the reinstatement period of the course, you will need to speak with your instructor who will contact the Instructional Services department on your behalf.

Yes, this is called transient status. You will need to get with your advisor and discuss which courses to take then submit the provided form to the registrar’s office for approval. Once you have completed the course you will need to submit your transcripts from that institution to be evaluated for credit. Transient Student Online Request Form >>

Generally speaking, it takes 3-5 Business days upon the receipt of the transcript to be evaluated; however, during times of high volume this time frame may be extended for up to two weeks. Additionally, if you obtained a degree at your previous institution, we will only evaluate credits that are on your current degree plan.

There are a number of reasons why this may be the case:

1) Coastal Alabama may not have had a course equivalent to the one that you took and therefore cannot give you credit for a course we don’t offer,
2) If you made a D on the course and your GPA was below a 2.0 we will not accept the credits, or
3) The courses that you took at your previous institution do not count towards your current degree plan.

The CLEP exam is a test that students can take in order to receive credit for a General Education course, the list of current exams accepted by the college are provided at this link:

No, if you have already attempted a course you must retake the course, you are no longer eligible for the CLEP.

Unfortunately, federal law mandates that we obtain transcripts from all previous institutions no matter how good or bad you feel that you did. However, any course that you failed at your previous institution will not be evaluated and therefore will not affect your GPA at Coastal Alabama.

More information regarding Academic Bankruptcy can be found at the link provided. Please bear in mind that you must meet a certain criterion to qualify.,semester%20credit%20hours%20of%20course

Yes, you may appeal your suspension. Please fill out the form provided and it will be sent to the committee to be voted on. Once the committee has concluded their vote you will be notified of their response.

If you would like to audit a course, please fill out the provided form and submit it to for processing.

Coastal Alabama Community College maintains an archival record of its academic catalogs. For academic catalogs from 2017 forward, please visit the College Catalog section of the website at For academic catalogs prior to 2017, please contact the Registrar’s office by emailing