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Student Government Association

Let your voice be heard! The Student Government Association is a team that works to enhance student affairs, builds strong relationships between faculty, staff, and students, and ensures our college community thrives!

Are you interested in joining SGA?

  • All candidates except those seeking the SGA presidency must have at least a 2.5 overall average and completed at least 12 credit hours as a full time student.
    • Those candidates seeking the presidency must possess a 3.0 overall average and 24 credit hours.
  • All candidates must be full-time students at this College during the next academic year.
  • All freshmen running for office in the fall semester elections must be enrolled full-time with at Coastal Alabama.
  • The Elections Committee shall see that all candidates meet the qualifications set forth in the Constitution.
  • All candidates elected in the spring shall take office one month prior to the end of the spring semester.


SGA Officer Requirements

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